Aviation Marketing

Aviation Marketing

14 airports with high growth potential

Who we are

Fraport-Greece’s Aviation Marketing & Development team supports the successful operation of the airlines flying to the 14 airports through close collaboration, partnership spirit, targeted actions and synergies.

The Aviation Marketing & Development team has as prime objective the increase of airports’ traffic base through the enhancement of airports’ air services network and the extension of the tourism season.

Fraport-Greece will allocate all available resources aiming at attracting new routes/frequencies served by new or already operating carriers and promoting the served destinations.

The attraction of additional traffic will significantly benefit the destinations, the local communities and the travelers who will be provided with multiple and alternative travelling options.

Why do business with us

  • 14 airports with great developmental potential
  • World-famous destinations with unique characteristics
  • Highest level of aviation industry expertise
  • Customer-oriented management and operations
  • Extensive knowhow on advertising and promotion within the Greek market
  • Highest standards of safety and security


George Vilos
Executive Director of Commercial & Business Development
Phone +30 214 4000481
[email protected]

Katerina Pollatou
Airline Marketing & Development Manager
Phone +30 214 4000484
[email protected]

Haris Filos
Senior Airline Developer
Phone +30 214 4000485
[email protected]